Our Role Is To Get The Right People To Spend Money With Your Business…

We Do That By Addressing Each Decision Point – Each "TouchPoint Of Choice™" – So Your Prospects And Customer Experiences With Your Business Mean They Buy……..

If Yours Are Not Working As They Should Your Business Is Losing Money!

Like most business owners or managers we are sure you want people to spend more with your business more frequently and at higher value? You probably also want that too and to use the best ways to frame your propositions to gain loyal, evangelical, referral making customers and clients.

If so, the TOUCHPOINT1™ approach makes sure your business gets every decision point converting in your favour.

To achieve that we:

•Help define, agree and drive the customer experience strategy for you and your business

•Use the experience we have gained across multiple sectors and scales of projects for the benefit of you, your employees, stakeholders, suppliers and customers

•Develop a complete view of your business, review the key trends that affect what you do, look at your competitors, map out the customers buying journey, and deliver ways that make sure you gain and win

•Assist you in your role to bring your stakeholders to underpin these improvements and drive maximum value out of your business.

This involves reviewing, in modular fashion, or as a whole for maximum benefit to your business, your prospects, and customers interaction with:

  • The Digital Experience You Give Them

  • The Marketing Experience They Are Attracted – or Repelled By – In Your Business

  • The Direct Response Experience You Give Them And How They React – or Don't

  • The People Contact Experience You Give That Pull's Them In – Or Pushes Them Away

  • The Path Through Your Organisational Structures And How Easy – Or Difficult – Your Business Is To Deal With

  • The Interaction With Your Staff and Their Personal Competencies And How Well Suited They Are To The Job In Hand

  • Whether Every Part Of Your Business Is Championing And Conveying Excellence

  • The Current Strategy Of Your Business and It's Commercial Aims And How That Fits With The Actual Customer Experience You Provide

  • The Product/Service Experience You Provide And How You Support The Customer

  • The Accounting and Billing Experience And How Easy You Are To Deal With

  • Your Complaint Management and Online and Offline Reputation Control.

We help achieve this by:

  • Helping you develop Customer Experience talent and helping them share their greater knowledge and experience within the wider organisation

  • Analysis of your business, customers, prospects, services/products, competitors and then Proposition development; strategy/tactics/pre-eminence

  • Sorting Conversion Process and Workflow for greater, repetitive and scalebale results

  • Internally networking to safeguard the improvement capabilities

  • Advising, motivating, training and delivering a new result. 

To discover how improvements in Customer Experience Management and Sales Conversion can supersonically turn a business around, or make successful businesses even more successful, just email: info@touchpoint1.co.uk now.