Business Success = More Conversion Touches = More Profits  

The Reasons Why Some Businesses Succeed Or Dominate A Market When Others Do Not May Surprise You…… 

The reasons are called Touch Points…

Touch Points are the lifeline of every business. 

Touch Points are where a prospect has a number of stark choices to make. They either:

a] move toward buying from you or

b] staying with their current service provider/supplier or,

c] if a current client of staying with you or leaving you.

And every Touch Point has a value. Both before they buy from you and when they have become a customer.  

That value may be monetary [ultimately], reputational, or experiential. 

The way you value each interaction, versus the way a buyer values that interaction sometimes varies in emphasis and that difference will either move the prospect down a chosen path of buying from your business or not. And if they don't that could prove expensive.

You Need to Maximise these TouchPoints of Choice™ 

For example the touch points an existing client has with your business will reinforce their decision to keep investing their time, effort and money by continuing to buy from your business rather than taking their business elsewhere.

The touch points that handle any complainants your business has can convert them to be evangelical referrers – or it can drive them away to social media and splatter your reputation all over Twitter, Facebook and more. 

As you can see, every touch point your business has to prospect, convert, sell, retain and grow your business has to work in the maximum way. If not your business fails or under performs. 

You need a process to maximise every single touch point in your business

We help with sales funnels, complaint management, online reputation and more.

We have a deep understanding that people decide what is of value to them – in an instant.

We make sure those values are fully understood for what you sell, the market you sell them in and the ways your buyers buy for higher conversion, greater retention, loyalty and boosted spend. We make sure the persuasion architecture gets decisions going your way.

We also know each solution needs to reflect your business, it's vision, it's mission, it's character and values too….so we get to understand you and your business to build decision points that attract the right customers for your business in your market, for your products or services and price points.   

At TouchPoint1 we support, advise, solve, direct and apply improvement in sales and customer experience management, internal/external, prospect or customer. 

T1 Icon Improving Your Touch Points Boosts The Way Your Business Interacts With Your Prospects, Customers And EXPLODES YOUR BUSINESS RESULTS….

If Your Turnover is from £300,000 to £500,000 Or £1-10Million [it even applies if you do £100Million too] And You Want To Make Your Success Higher, We Help You Explode Your Profits And Boost The Long Term Value Of Your Business.

Here is how?

We have observed many businesses, and seen the differences between the successful ones and others that struggled.  We created a process to add more value to every touch point of contact throughout the sales cycle, no matter how short or long. Something we would like to do for you if you are interested?

Bear in mind is that touch points ONLY do one thing > They either move people to spend money with your business or they don't!

They are that black and white, that fundamental, yet many businesses fail to make them work as they should. Could your business be one of them? It means gained money or lost money – there is no "in between" 

The decisions your Prospects and Customers follow to make a choice is a process*…and we map the decision making process every buyer is taking to decide to proceed with their interaction with your business or not. And where they don't, we help put that right. And where they do we help boost that result.

Deep down, you know your marketing channels should be attracting as many qualified people to your business as they can, and your sales process, order forms, or sales teams, on the 'phone, on the web or in person, need to take that a stage further and get prospects to become your customers and commit them to spend with you, regularly.

We help you ensure each step is at maximum performance

We turn every angle of "Touch" into money contributing action, something that moves everything along to the desired goal – and through all the steps to get that goal.

To help move that a step forward let's ask you a question: What would that mean for you business?

We want you to imagine you increased every Touchpoint in your business by 10% across the board. Then applied that to the recency, frequency and size of each deal or sale. What happens then is you see rapid, enormous increases in sales and profits, as if by magic.

To check how magical that could be for your business grab your calculator and see what a difference it would make. Add 10% more leads, 10% more conversion, 10% more spend, 10% more frequently.

It adds up doesn't it?

Now imagine it with even higher increases…..could you cope with that? 

Could you cope with an increase in business of 300%, or would just 5% make your wildest dreams come true, or would simply stopping your sales slide and shoring up your business feel like a reward from heaven? 

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, or your sales are in downward circles, take action whilst you can and contact us… 

Contacting us will enable you to take advantage of what we do and give your business exponential steps forward; steps that will leave your competition standing.

These techniques will make the world of difference to your business. Our unique TOUCHPOINT1™ Methodology will help your business get:

* better attraction points 

* which means more tightly qualified leads

* which our process uses and boosts higher conversions

which leads to more sales

* which means more money in the door

which means more financial and career security

* which means less hassle and a better quality of life.

And all that can be achieved with less sales staff turnover, more sales per head and better, more scaleable, more consistent results.

This gets you a happier, less stressful life for you

Achieving more profits for your business enables you to focus on growing your business and securing your future and your exit plan. Ultimately those profits make your life a lot simpler and smoother too!

So, whatever your sales issues, staff performance, customer service, or marketing problem, our TOUCHPOINT1™ approach could make all the difference. 

We investigate, explore, listen and act on every TouchPoint in your business.

We create and apply solutions that get you and your business better results at each step – all tailored for you and your specific business, market sector, product, service and people.

Discover the hidden money is in your business and how you can gain a greater ROI on your efforts

And seeing where the money will come from enables you to see the results; tangible, scalable, repeatable, and deliverable that will grow the value of your role, your business, and your wealth. It will give you greater peace of mind too.

We look at you and your business, your personal strengths, your business strengths, your people's strengths, and create ways to exploit those strengths and diminish weaknesses – and help you dominate the market space you are in, one touch at a time.

Every day you see the business world rapidly changing. You know you don't want to get left behind. You recognise you have everything to gain by wanting to discover more…… 

1] simply email us direct at: now

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3] add a brief summary – just a couple of sentences will do – of your business issue/s and we will call you and explore how we may help.

Our main strengths lie in the service related arenas of:

  • Property: Developers and New Homes, Estate Agents 
  • Professional Services: B2B Sales Teams and Account Management, BPO, HRO, Legal, Accounting, Services, FM, Infrastructure, Consultants/cies
  • Removals and Relocation: Relocation Management Companies, Removals Firms, Home Search,
  • High Ticket Item Sellers: Software sales, Showroom Retailers [Furniture/Cars/Boats].

BUT, if you have found yourself on this page from a different business sector entirely – restaurants/pubs/local trades/flooring/plumbing/electrical/garage/landscaping/fencing or dental/chiropady/chiropractic/osteopathy and more – our TOUCHPOINT1™ methodology will work in your market space too….to find out how, just email us now at

Don't forget – we have just ONE focus at Touchpoint1: 

To improve every point of interaction you have with your prospects and customers or clients…

To Help You With Your Main Goal: To Run A Profitable, Successful, Rewarding Business To Give You Financial Security and Peace of Mind.

If that sounds good to you, if you like what you have read so far then Email: to arrange an appointment.  

Because you have a choice: You can keep doing what you are doing and getting the results you keep getting…

OR, you can take the easier step, as others have done, and contact us for an initial exploration of what we can do for you and how what we do will get rid of stress and worry. 

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